Lauren Pollaro / Lauren Pollaro Jewelery

"I explore, experiment, and observe how my spontaneous arrangements work together to define a piece."

Lauren’s one-of-a-kind jewelry represents a broad spectrum of color, design and material. She continues to work in the paper collage medium where she began her career while continually expanding her interests in metalsmithing, enameling and construction. Lauren’s intent is to make individualistic pieces by exploring color/pattern combinations, mark making and the interplay of materials.

Lauren’s mixed-media wall pieces offer a contrasting approach to the intimate scale of jewelry. With this liberation of scale the materials include an almost limitless array of possibilities such as weathered canvas, paper, acrylic paint, metal, and found objects, just to name a few.

Lauren has a degree in fine art from the University of New Hampshire; though mostly self-taught in the techniques she uses today, she learned certain technical skills from courses and workshops.