Nina Cambron Glass Clocks

"Fused glass represents an intriguing canvas of color and light for me. It's a fascinating medium rich with surprises."

The richness, luminescence and depth of layered glass continues to intrigue Nina after over 30 years working in the medium. As a material, it forces decision making unlike any other. It’s frustrating and unforgiving. And a challenge! With a painter as a mother, Cambron was brought up living & breathing color. With a father as a toolmaker, she learned a love of metal and how to make things. Combining these has driven her exploration into glass and what can and can’t be done. Stretching these limits is a challenge she embraces. Living in the Detroit area has given Cambron the unique opportunity and availability of materials to encourage her exploration of combining metal with glass. Materials used in the automotive industry in furnaces and factories are readily available and custom made for hef medium.