Brass Floret Fiesta

Chesnik Scopes

Expanded two-mirror system in 9" L, 1.5" diameter tube. Two 3" diameter wheels: one of artist-made millefiore glass pieces, and one of stained glass. Hand-held, sits on black or walnut cradle

Each tube starts as raw brass which is buffed to a high polish and coated with a hard, tarnish-free surface in a brass-plated finish for long-lasting beauty. The true artistry involves the wheels, one of which is composed of Brazilian agate slices, and the other of textured dichroic glass.

The images are created as a result of three mirror systems which are made with an equilateral triangle of front-surface mirrors, creating a full field of images. Alternately, two-mirror systems are made with a black mat on the third side, creating a round image at the end of a black tunnel. Expanded two-mirror systems are made with the third side as a mirror, creating a round image surrounded by more of the same. Contains a +250 strength magnifying lens for a clear and sharp image.

Dimensions: 9" x 1.5" tube, 3" diameter wheels.

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