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Copper Elements was started by Dan and Frances Hedblom of Rochester, MN in the summer of 2010.  The art of flame painting is a unique process of torch work that brings out beautiful colors in the copper.  The original process was discovered by their family and passed on to them to continue.  There are no chemicals, paints, acids, or stains used in this process.  After the piece is finished it is sealed with a special finish to prevent patina while also offering a UV protectant so that the piece may be displayed in the sun.

The artwork is designed by both Frances and Dan and takes many months of planning to come up with.  Frances, with no prior experience with a torch, has found she has a true talent in bringing out and blending the colors in the copper.  Dan builds the solid wood frames and does the grinding and buffing process which enhances the colors when displayed in light.

What makes their copper art stand alone is the unique curved frames designed and built by Dan with his 20 years of woodworking and carpentry experience.  By combining both of their talents as a team they are able to design and create our artwork.

Dimensions 26x36

All items are handmade and subject to availability. Shipping times will vary!

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