Full Moon WFMCW Watch


This watch, with its antiqued brass, copper, and silver bands, and the hand painted dials, creates the feeling of a wristwatch long lost, now found. The distressed, and oxidized metals are not sealed with a protective finish, allowing the wearer of the watch to become a participant in the evolution of the piece. Air, temperature, and the skin of the wearer all change the inherent molecular structure of the metals, resulting in a wristwatch that is most uniquely their own With its luminous face and simple band, this watch is inspired by the full moon as seen from the seven seas, through the lens of an ancient instrument of navigation. Distressed and oxidized brass, copper, sterling silver, and metal alloys. Hand-painted dials. Suitable for both men and women, with links that are easily adjusted by any jeweler.

Dimensions: 33mm Diameter

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