Red Headed Woodpecker

Laura Adams

This stunning piece was created using many layers of paper and acrylic glue. It has taken Laura over 20 years to master this process. This is not a painting but a unique collage.
  • Signed
  • Created with a unique college technique
  • Handmade in the USA
  • 16"W x 20"H
  • Shipping included for Continental USA
Artist Info
" My artwork reflects the joy I experience in nature and my spiritual journey through nature."

Laura W. Adams is a collage artist whose work depicts the forests, wildlife and wildflowers of the world. She concentrates her subject matter on the flora and fauna and birds that live in areas around her. An avid birder and hiker, Adams’ work brings the viewer into the emotional and spiritual connection she feels in the presence of nature.

The source material Adams uses for her collages include found items from nature, textured papers, painted papers and exotic patterned papers that have been cut up, layered, and adhered with acrylic medium. Often, ten or more layers of material are used to create a single work. The result is a “painting” with a distinct, three-dimensional effect.

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