Symphony Table

Sabra Richards

striking and dynamic piece of functional art. Curved diagonal legs give a sense of motion as they support a table top set with a beautiful piece of art glass.

After the design is created, the table takes shape: the 1/4_ѝ steel is cut and welded. Particular care is taken with stability. When the steel is completed, the glass begins.

The multi-colored glass panel is made from kiln formed glass: glass that is cut, fused and fired. When the glass cane and the glass components are added, the final firing of the glass sculpture is done over a stainless steel mold. The glass panel is then shaped to its final form and the depth of the piece is created. Special grids and components are made and then glued to the final piece for additional depth.

This panel is set into the upper area of the table, and then a solid 1/2" x 12"x 40"x plate glass piece is set on top. This protects the art glass but shows its beauty.

Black steel with multi-colored glass.

Top is 12" x 40". 30" tall.

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