"If there is something to steal, I steal it." — Pablo Picasso
"Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing." — Salvadore Dali

Steven McGovney has worked in multiple medias, but focused on the sculptural side of ceramics. Throughout his professional career, McGovney has created a lot of whimsical ceramic art as well as sculpture. McGovney has also taught ceramics at Yavapai College since 2011. The Avicularity line of bird sculptures is mixed media including clay, steel, acrylic and oil paint. Birds are intended to bring a smile. The Ravens, in particular, are such an interesting bird, carried in the myths of many peoples worldwide. Flights of Fancy are imaginary birds inspired by the wacky names of birds themselves. McGovney trained in Design and Sculpture and holds an MFA from the Otis Art Institute.


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