Boxology Testimonials

"It's incredible! Beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Each compartment contains a new surprise. Obviously you did your research and then let your imagination go on a rampage! Equaled only by the woodworking. Also, your choice of wood is perfect; it exactly reflects the rugged character of the ship as depicted in the film."

"Last night I gave Angela the art piece you created and it made a phenomenal hit! By the look on her face, she was astonished when she saw the exterior. However, the interior blew her away when she began breaking it down. I gather she's never seen anything like it in Estonia Thank you so very much."

Dear Richard,

Thank you so much for doing such a nice job on this special puzzle box. And... the surprise inside is just right. I especially like the "mini-puzzle" where you can connect the "R" and "J" to form a heart. Nicely done.

You took an interest and it shows. I couldn't be happier with the result.

Thank you and my best,


Hi Richard,

We are back from our vacation and I wanted to let you know how wonderfully well your beautiful puzzle box was received. Terry asked that I let you know how much she loved it. Watching her take it apart and the discovery of each of the components was more fun that you can imagine and so well worth every dime spent on it. I could not have paid enough to see her delight with this gift. It was so much fun to give and it gave us such an opportunity to revisit our first meeting and those first couple of days together. She was amazed by your craftsmanship and told me over and over again how much she loved it. I really can't express (and neither can she) just how much that piece means. All of the things you embedded in it are meaningful to just us and they are beyond special to she and I. Artistically you articulated something deeply meaningful and we are both blow away by it. 

I can never thank you enough 

Kind wishes,


Dear Richard,

Years ago my mom gave me one of your heart-shaped puzzle boxes. My mom is gone now, but I have always treasured that box and I always will. It contains some of my tiny treasures and will always be very special to me. I keep it in a prominent place in my living room. 

Most Sincerely,

Hey Richard,

Just picked up the artwork – the boxes are fantastic – I’m a big fan!
 Overall - the boxes are awesome. Incredible how you got the likenesses in wood! Thank you!!



Good Evening Richard,

The sculpture is fantastic... An amazing job... Details are really good... Thank you so much for your help, understanding, and your work! 

-Miss Bouhassoun


Dear Richard,

I gave the mini portrait box to my friend this weekend and she was thrilled. Thank you so much- your work is beautiful. And so many surprises!



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