Laura Adams - Paper Collage

An avid bird watcher and hiker for many years Laura Adams is inspired by the collages of Matisse, the watercolors of Audubon, the colorful mosaics and paintings of Klimt and the sense of self and purpose of O’Keeffe.

Her artistic process is unique, using only paper and a clear acrylic glue to create her work. She does not use paint. Many layers of paper, sometimes

15-20, is used to achieve the effects. The finished work has a bas-relief and a texture that is not evident from printed images.

The papers come from around the world. Many are mulberry based from India, China, Japan and Nepal. Her favorite papers are the beautiful Japanese washi papers that are used for origami. But also colorful book binding papers from Italy, and textured fibrous papers from Mexico.

It has taken her over 20 years years to master this process.

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