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No matter what type of art you're seeking for your space, An American Craftsman will help you discover works that meet your needs. We will locate and carefully select works and collections for you to easily search and purchase from the convenience of your digital device. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just looking, we provide all of our clients top-level curator services by giving them the EDGE they need to find beautifully handcrafted works.

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Customer Testimonials

One of their largest and most beautiful galleries ever

I've shopped at their stores in years past, and their newest location in Lenox is a MUST SEE. This is by far one of their largest and most beautiful galleries ever. They are even putting in a coffee bar. Staffed by warm, friendly, and knowledgeable staff, you can quickly discover surprises in every nook, cranny, case, and corner. In speaking with the owners, you discover that they run art shows around the country and meet many of the newest most creative American Craftspeople. It's evident and so spectacular. People spend an hour or more just perusing the treasures. And, once you visit, you will know why. Looking for unique furniture, if they don't have it, they can make it. Looking for personalized gifts, speak with Richard or Joanna, they have their own wood shop and can create the most amazing custom boxes you have EVER seen. If you are lucky, you will see celebrities shopping as well. I've seen Presidents, TV stars, and Astronauts. This is a place to stop, shop, and to be amazed. Kudos to this American Treasure Trove in Lenox, Massachusetts!!

New York, NY

Amazing hand crafts

So many choices, I could not make up my mind. Finally settled on a glass blown Jelly Fish to add to my collection. Highly recommend checking this gallery out. Warm and Friendly owners.

Linda E.
Lenox, MA

Beautiful gallery

Unique items from very talented craftsmen. We bought items from this Boxology person since 1979 which we still have. He is an amazing talent.

David S.
Hingham, Massachusetts

A wonderful reprieve 

Every time I have visited New York, I have visited An American Craftsman. Just this past Thursday I stopped in at the 830 7th Avenue store and spotted a beautiful glass vase produced by Fields and Fields Blown Glass. I purchased it immediately. The selection of pieces was wonderful. It was a nice break from the more touristy items in other nearby shops. The staff was wonderful - packaged up the piece carefully, provided information about the people that made the vase, and answered all of my questions.

Tony Westenbroek
Ottawa, Canada

Highly recommend checking this gallery out 

The items will pique your imagination and whet your curiosity. There is something here for every price range. They have artisan-crafted rocking chairs with super long rocker rails that sell for over $2,500 to elegant carved wooden bookmarks for under $20. The gallery had two of the exotic sands windows that rearrange into a new landscape whenever you flip the window upside down. The most interesting items were the carved wood boxes, especially the Boxology series. These are three-dimensional puzzles held together by one small key piece that has to be removed in order to take the structure apart. The puzzles come in many shapes--piano music boxes, moose, cats, snakes, and random shapes that conform to the exotic wood pieces they were carved from. After you take the structure apart there is a hidden compartment within. The artist can even carve structures resembling anybody's face from a portrait shot.  If the boxes don't suit your fancy, how about holiday ornaments fashioned from duck eggs? Or wine taps carved from granite? Maybe a metal composite fish with a Scotch tape canister for an eye? The gallery also features some artistry-inspired clothing and artisan jewelry.  Everybody who came into this shop lingered a while and left smiling.

Lenox, MA

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