Energy Claymoon Copper

Claymoon Copper

Energy is a stunning work created as part of the Claymoon Copper Collection. Energy is a gorgeous interpretation of coursing energy crafted in copper to be proudly displayed on your wall.

All items are handmade and subject to availability. Shipping times will vary!

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  • UV protected
  • Chemical, acid, paint free
  • One-of-a-kind handcrafted piece
  • Crafted in Wisconsin’s north woods
  • Won awards such as Best of Show, Best of Class and Featured Artist
  • 14" x 40" x 4"
  • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
  • Shipping times will vary
Artist Info
" David and I thrive on exploring and mastering new techniques that create art forms apart from the norm. We appreciate the opportunity to provide a meaningful token that hopefully will remind you of your passions and give you joy and pleasure throughout your lifetime."

The celebrated, award winning works known as Claymoon Coper were created in 2001 by married artist team, David & Judy Hedblom. Each piece of the Claymoon Copper Collection is handcrafted in the forest of Wisconsin's using proprietary artistic techniques. Their work incorporates unique flame painting techniques on copper with buffed, hammered and textured methods to deliver exclusive, contemporary art and decor. The process ensures a one-of-a-kind work with iridescent depth, energetic movement and a vibrant kaleidoscope of colors. Each piece is heat sealed to guarantee lasting beauty and provide UV protection. The work is chemical, acid and paint free.

Conquering the flame painting method without the use of acids, chemicals or paints was the original goal. 3D colors, depth and movement within each piece is the breath taking result. Over the years, their portfolio has gifted us with projects that include commissioned works for hospitals and clinics, churches, commercial buildings and schools.

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