Tie-Dye Splat Bracelet

Hayden Brook

A fun, bright bracelet composed of a variety of shapes and colors. Each link is its own abstract, free-form shape and contains multiple colors of dichroic glass. Sterling silver and glass.

As each piece is individually handmade, colors will vary.

Dimensions: Approximately .75" x 7.5"

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  • Multi colored dichroic glass
  • Sterling silver
  • 3/4" x 7.5"
  • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
  • Shipping times will vary
Artist Info

Artistic hand crafted glass work dates back nearly 4000 years. Examples of Ancient Egyptian & Roman handmade fused glass can be found in museums around the world. Combining this ancient fine craft with state of the art technology, Hayden Brook Studios makes exquisite, finely crafted jewelry at affordable prices.

Hayden Brook Studios works with dichroic glass (di-chroic means two colored). This type of glass transmits light in one wavelength and reflects lights in two other wavelengths, having been coated with electronically excited metallic particles in a vacuum chamber. They start with large sheets of glass and cut it into small pieces. These pieces are specially arranged and melted together in a kiln to form accent pieces for their jewelry.

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