Alight Spiritile

Houston Llew

Alight Spiritile by artist Houston Llew is a beautiful handmade work of American craft. It features a bird sitting on a branch with a touching quote by Emily Dickinson: "Hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul." Alight is the perfect piece to compliment any wall!

Each Spiritile is carefully handmade using a series of intricate stencil techniques. From the beginning, Houston’s vision for his enameled artworks drew from the beauty of simplicity. He sought after an imagistic theme for his work rather than pursuing the abstract often seen in other enameled wall art. The image is just the beginning - each piece is paired with a quote sgraffitoed around the sides to create an inspiring story through words and images in glass.

Spiritiles are collectibles that capture the Spirit of the Enlightened Moment. They are created with molten glass on copper, and are 100% American Made. All the raw materials of Spiritiles are made in USA: the glass comes from the Southeast and the copper comes from the Southwest. The imagery is created by hand with colored glass kiln fired to copper. This tile easily wall hangs or stands alone. It will never fade or tarnish and may be enjoyed in sunny or humid spots where other art may not endure.

    All items are handmade and subject to availability. Shipping times will vary!

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    • Hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul." - Emily Dickinson
    • Handmade craftsmanship
    • Molten glass on copper
    • Proudly made in USA
    • 8.5" x 5.5" x 2"
    • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
    • Shipping times will vary
    Artist Info
    " What pushes me forward is the uplifting thoughts and musings. This is the cornerstone of my work- creating art that uplifts, and brings a hopeful connection to life."

    I started enameling in a poorly constructed leaning garage in Atlanta.  I was unemployed in the middle of the great recession during a record breaking hot summer.  Through fortuitous circumstances, I befriended the master enamelist Zingaro, I shadowed the artist around his studio until he gave me the keys to enameling that would later evolve into my first works - Spiritiles.

    For months I spent every waking hour over a kiln, experimenting, sketching, living on only "ramen and beer".  The only reason my art exists today is because I had no other option - no job to fall back on, no security other than what I could create myself. Tenacity keeps me going.  When one thing doesn’t work, step back, retool, and try a new path.

    I love spitballing ideas and trying seemingly crazy things just to see if they work. By harnessing that constant experimentation, art evolves.  That’s how it’s possible to create a dueling form  of enameled imagery and with bending stories and quotes out of context into something entirely new… I call it “design” but it’s something unnamed.

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