Cluster Hook Earrings

Meghan Patrice Riley

Each Meghan Patrice Riley piece is hand fabricated by trained artists and metalsmiths in the MPR Atelier located in Brooklyn, New York. Mixing fabrication and textile techniques, MPR reinterprets classic, yet unexpected materials such as miniature bridge cabling, industrial ball chain, electrical wire, safety pins, and findings by pairing them with precious metal and semiprecious stones. The juxtaposition of materials in her designs create jewelry that is unique, feminine, and luxurious.

All items are handmade and subject to availability. Shipping times will vary!

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  • Made from a variety of unexpected materials
  • Handmade in Brooklyn, NY

  • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
  • Shipping times will vary
Artist Info
"I feel that I'm doing contemporary work that bridges design, fashion, and art. I'm excited and influenced by the materials, themes, and aesthetics represented in these areas and continue my experimentation to create beautifully functional and sculptural collections that find the fashion in art and the art in fashion."

Each MPR piece is fabricated by hand using sterling silver and gold-filled tubing with nylon-coated steel wire to form the structure. By mixing metals with textile techniques, and classic, elementary materials like miniature bridge cabling with fine metals, MPR reinterprets them to create industrial jewelry that is feminine, luxurious, and alluring.

With a background in math and geometry, MPR creates work inspired by geometric, volumetric forms. She crafts small line segments to create larger forms that she can expand upon, resulting in multi-dimensional forms that are lightweight, flexible, and able to adapt to the wearer.

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