Pink Calla Perfume Bottle

Lotton Studios

Charles Lotton, with his sons Daniel & David and studio artist Scott Bayless, create hand blown, one of a kind works of glass art.  They create beautiful hand blown vases, bowls, sculptures, paperweights and perfume bottles.

Their business began in 1970 with prayers and dreams when Charles began teaching himself the art of glassblowing in his backyard.  The chemistry of Charles' glass is unique to Lotton Glass.  Lotton Art Glass is one of the very few studios in the world to start with elements of the earth like sand, soda ash, lime, borax, zinc and metals resulting in some of the most breathtaking colors that you will ever see. 

Each artist has found his own style, or niche you might say, that produces some of the finest glass made in the world today.  Charles', David's and Daniel's creations now permanently grace hundreds of museum as well as private collections.  Their collectors have followed them through over 45 years of glassmaking, watching the incredible progression of design in their work.

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