Jeffrey P'an Vase

Studio Jeffrey P'an

This stunning one-of-a-kind vase is created by fusing dozens of handmade glass tiles into a cylinder and then blowing the fused glass into a unique shape.

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  • Hand blown Glass
  • Multi Colored one-of-a-kind art piece
  • 1 4" Vessel
  • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
  • Shipping times will vary
Artist Info
"My main concern in my work is to fully realize the transparent aspect of the glass. Each piece is one of a kind, but the thread that runs through the entire body of work is the combination of color, pattern and texture as one looks through each piece. In this way, each piece becomes an interactive part of its environment, dependent upon light and perception."

Jeffrey P’an has been working with glass for 30 years. His approach to glassblowing is one of a kind, from concept to finished product. Meticulous and highly creative, Jeffrey has the ability to create stunning works of art at his studio in Mystic, Connecticut. By combining traditional glassblowing techniques with modern technology, Jeffrey is able to bring his vision in glass to light. Studio Jeffrey P’an produces several lines of work in addition to Jeffrey’s one-of-a-kind sculptures and vessels. Collections include a line of jewelry and clear cut crystal. Other ‘end of the day’ items such as glassware, ornaments and paperweights are produced by the team, for purchase at the gallery only. 

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