The Event World International Champion Horse Puzzle Box


This multi-leveled box is the ultimate surprise gift for a horse lover. Lift off multiple compartments to reveal detailed countryside views. Includes miniature horse puzzle box that opens to reveal a tiny wooden heart surprise. This masterwork box can also be personalized to which means that you can specify the theme, gender, age and context of the subject. Similar boxes, in with less complexity, can be designed by request. Price starting at $450. As shown $4500. 

Shown in: Maple Burl. Dimensions: 13"w x 12"h. 

All Items are hand made, made to order. Shipping time will vary based on the complexity of the project. For any questions please E-mail us at

Note: color may vary slightly due to different monitor settings!

Prices may vary depending on the all the possible elements that can be integrated into your personalized masterwork box. Your total cost will be calculated and sent to you after we've received all your specific requests.


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