Wizards and Dragons Puzzle Box


The wizard key, itself a miniature box, opens the box. The second key, the Serpent, releases the lower level and all of the spirits within. This masterwork box can also be personalized to which means that you can specify the theme, gender, age, and context of the subject. Your creation can include anything that comes to your imagination. A Wizards and Dragons puzzle box can also be made in a miniature version. As shown for $3300.00. Other versions available from $500.00 

Shown in: Maple Burl

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  • Handmade puzzle box
  • Velvet flocked storage compartment
  • Box design can be personalized
  • 14"W x 9"H 
  • All items are handmade and subject to availability.
  • Shipping times will vary
Artist Info
" Experimenting with different techniques for making boxes, I found that using the band saw allowed me to create interesting shapes. My boxes sold so well that we could hardly keep up with production."

Richard began woodworking while he was an actor in New York City, crafting his version of rustic Colonial furniture and paneling for his apartment. In response to flyers posted backstage in Broadway theaters, he received small assignments; mostly bookshelves and tables that he made in his living room. The pieces were crudely stylish made of stained pine with rough-hewn edges, fashioned with matte knife and disc sander. It was a dusty lifestyle. The name Boxology describes a process that allows him to explore the endless possibilities that wood working has to offer. Richard tells stories, take the most beautiful woods and turn them in to complex puzzle boxes and design display shelving and furniture that makes wood exciting in its simplest forms. There is no end to it... and as you will see there are endless beginnings, which Richard best describes as poetry, psychology and philosophy in wood.

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