Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Cindy Billingsley

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Sculpture in Clay


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  • Clay sculpture
  • 14" Tall
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Artist Info
"It is like speaking in two languages which is why she likes to do both.  Not many artists can do both a sculpture and a painting of an animal. "

Cindy is a Nationally known Sculptor and Fine Art Painter whose studio is in TN. Cindy started drawing and painting at the young age of 12 and started her sculpting career at age 30. Her artwork in the last few years has been about social issues such as Alzheimer's disease, and also the Plight of Endangered Animals. Cindy Paints and Sculpts both Wildlife and Figurative. Her art has been exhibited in solo, group shows, and at museums. She has done a few public art projects in both sculpture and painting and has shown internationally.

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