"We’re proud to present our line of fine wooden marionettes, animated wooden sculptures to delight, entertain and amuse.  Sturdily constructed of hardwood, felt, fabric and leather, all of our marionettes achieve an exciting, magically realistic movement with a simple, one-hand operation."

Fish River Crafts has specialized since 1981 in the design and production of fine wooden marionettes. The creative process includes the sawing and milling of reclaimed white-birch hardwood and then the hand-turning, carving and painting of nearly all the wood parts that make up the finished product. Thus, the wood from which the marionettes are made passes through their hands many times in many forms before taking its final shape.  These truly remarkable ‘Motion-Sculptures’ operate fluidly in 4 real dimensions.  All styles come attractively packaged with simple operating instructions included. 




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