"I have been working with glass since 2006. I enjoy making many different forms from glass, including bowls, vases, and other vessels as well as imaginative and some more realistic sculptures."

I make all my clear glass from scratch. I also try to use intense amounts and variations in color. Many colors I make from raw materials. The main ingredient is sand, followed by soda ash and lime. By creating my own colors I’m able to come up with some colors that may not be available to the rest of the glass world. When I’m shaping the glass, it is intense. Everything has to happen at just the right time, like a well choreographed dance. There is no stopping to go freshen up my coffee. Once I start a piece at 2000 degrees, it has to stay above 1000 degrees the entire time I work it or It will crack. It can be a fine line to walk. Too much heat or too little at the wrong time can mean failure. With my glass I hope to simply bring pleasure and enhance ones surroundings, though many pieces are functional as well.


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