"Our ever bonding love of the plasticity of metal and the joy of creating with our hands is our daily inspiration."

Throughout the 50 years that John and Linda Whitney have been working in metalsmithing their goal has been to produce a smile by creating a jewelry work that is well crafted but very affordable. All of their work is made from beginning to end by using traditional silversmithing techniques of fabrication. When they started creating pieces at the turn of 1970, they produced sterling silver and 14 kt gold, but now they've expanded to other metals by adding red brass, copper, and nickel silver. These copper based alloys and polymer clay have added in colors and oxidation that were not possible with traditional metals. Today, they continue to experiment with polymer clay as a way to add a colorful story and surface design to larger jewelry. By using this clay they make light weight pieces some with motifs inspired by African textiles and aboriginal art of the South Seas, the cut pieces of metal are lovingly shaped over silversmithing stakes and tree stumps with the use of forming and raising hammers. The work is then assembled with gas soldering torches and silver solder. Depending on the design, they may continue to form with hammers and chasing tools, dap, or corrugate to achieve the desired effect. Natural stone embellishments are added to the designs to give every unique piece its integrity.


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